Parent participation in certain school activities is welcome, and will be highly appreciated. Such assistance can be rendered in following suggested areas among others.

  • – Assisting with school field trips
  • – Assisting with guided reading
  • – Helping with special events: Christmas, Year-end party
  • – Making donations to the school for various projects or fund raising.
Withdrawal Discount and Enrolment

Parents are required to submit a written notice to the administrative office one full term in advance of withdrawal. Our policy is no refund after payment for any term, and no reduction in fee for temporary absence or illness.


All payments to the school should be paid to the school account through Zenith Bank, PLC.

Tuition Discount

Parents who have three or more children enrolled in the school receive a 75% discount on the youngest child’s tuition fees only. This is subject to revision by the Board of Governors as the school deems fit.

Parents Teachers Forum

The Open House Day provides the opportunity for parents to meet our staff and discuss all issues of concern. We welcome constructive criticism and ideas for improvement. The Open House is held once every term.

Excursions and School Trips

The school organizes field trips and excursions as part of the school curriculum. Parents may be required to make some payments on their children, to subsidize the overall cost of organizing such trips.

Birthday Celebrations

Parents are welcome to celebrate their child’s birthday at school. Acceptable snacks include sealed individually packed drinks, biscuits, candies & chocolates, and of course, your child’s birthday cake. Parents should check with the teacher a few days before the birthday celebration to confirm the number of children in the class should they wish to make such celebration. Home food of any form is not allowed.


All teaching staff are qualified. We recognize the following qualifications:

  • – OND or its equivalent for teachers in the Preparatory Class
  • – C.E Diploma or its equivalents for teachers in the Nursery Class
  • – C.E Diploma or B.Sc. Degree or its equivalents in Education or Social Disciplines for teachers in the Primary Classes
  • – Parents should notify the school where there is a change of contact information (change of address or phone number)
  • – The school should be notified in writing (via email or text message) if a different person is picking the child from school. Otherwise, the child will not be released into such hands.
  • – Parents should check for newsletters sent home with their children
  • All enquiries should be directed to the proprietress of the school either in writing via email or text message, or through a phone call.

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