The age group in this section is from 1 year to 2 years plus. A caring and loving environment is provided for them and safety is of utmost importance.


The emphasis in this group is on playing together, sharing, and general social development through the use of appropriate resources such as songs, rhymes and toys.


Additionally, there is an emphasis on developing their fine motor skills such as in firming their grip on writing materials through scribbling and such.


The age group in this class is from 2 years plus to 3 years plus. Our goal is to introduce children to the adventure and excitement of learning under the guidance of experienced and passionate teachers. Both cognitive and social development are presented in a fun and loving way and as age-appropriate for the children’s comprehension. Reading Readiness includes development of auditory skills, visual and motor discrimination, kinaesthetic activities, and linguistic enrichment.


In Preparatory Class, Mathematics is introduced with a hands-on approach, giving meaning to numbers as used in the daily lives of the children. Concepts are presented with diverse methods, such as games, arts, science and so on. Gross motor development skills are emphasized. Preparatory Class children thrive in a happy, cheerful environment with socialization and language development skills emphasized. Stories, songs, artistry and free play all help to developpre-schoolers as they prepare for more formal learning.


From the excitement of learning to read, to the fun and socialization with friends, our Nursery students will enjoy spending their day in a warm, supportive environment, where every day is a new opportunity to learn!

Our individual reading program uses the tried-and-true method of progressive phonics to teach basic reading and spelling skills. Nursery students, working in conjunction with their parents, will advance at their own pace to understand and employ the basics of phonetic reading.

Beginner books follow a phonetic approach. Later on, books are introduced in which the vocabulary is not phonetically controlled. At this level, the children begin to expand their sight-word vocabularies.


Mathematics in the Nursery Level at The Greensrich School will be taught through development of strong math concepts. Besides learning to recognize and write numbers, children will gradually internalize the relationship amongst numbers. Hands-on activities focus the children on the everyday application of math in their lives. Children learn to solve simple word problems. The goal of the Nursey Math program at The Greensrich School is for students to develop an aptitude and passion for the prime subject of Mathematics from an early age.

A child is not limited by an assigned nursery level determined solely by the rate of how far he/she progresses. The system instead allows children to individually progress in reading, while still remaining with children of their own developmental level.


The Greensrich School Curriculum follows the Federal Government Guidelines on Primary Education. These classes are dedicated to giving the child a firm foundation in the following core branches of learning:

English Language, Mathematics, Basic Science, National Values, Cultural and Creative Arts, Pre-Vocational Studies and Languages.

The breakdown of the curriculum at this level is the:

English Language: (Reading and Comprehension, Writing, Composition, Phonics, Phonetics and Diction, Literature, Grammar, Spelling, Verbal Reasoning)

Mathematics: (Quantitative Reasoning)

Basic Science: (Primary Science, Physical & Health Education, Information Communication Technology, Basic Technology)

National Values: (Social Studies, Civic Education and CRK/IRK.)

Cultural and Creative Arts: (Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Music)

Pre-Vocational Studies: (Home Economics, Agricultural Science and Vocational Studies)

Languages: (Yoruba, French),


In all the classes, homework is assigned everyday. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to check and ensure that the assignment of their child/ward has been completed in order to meet the required submission time. They are to sign the Communications Book as well.

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